Malting Barley

A big thank you to MotorCity Malthouse for malting the first batch of Cheese City barley! Malting the barley is necessary in order to develop the enzymes that modify the starches in the barley into fermentable sugars that can be converted into alcohol by the yeast that is added during brewing. The malting process is achieved by steeping the grain in water (through a sequence of submerging and draining the grains), allowing the grains to germinate (essentially tricking the grains into growing, as pictured above), and kilning the grains (drying the grain in order to reduce the moisture content and to halt the germination process).

Hop harvest winding down

It’s been an extremely busy past few weeks harvesting about 75% of my hop crop this year. ┬áLuckily, my parents graciously agreed to help me hand pick the hop cones off of the bines since my harvester is still not working as efficiently as I’d like it to. ┬áSince I now need to start harvesting my grapes, and start working on other beer-related tasks, I plan to have the majority of the remaining bines custom-harvested by another hop grower that has invested in a much more effective machine.